Too Sleepy To Blog

I’m fading fast here, so I’m gonna make this short and sweet.

Had a great workout tonight… 45 minute spin class + 30 intense minutes on the elliptical where the sweat was literally dripping off of me. Loved every minute of it, my legs were feeling the burn and no pain from the surgery. Thinking about taking tomorrow off (maybe) and (maybe again) attempting a run on Thursday.

I didn’t get to eat dinner until about 2 hours later than normal tonight. Add that to my intense workout and my fairly low calorie intake earlier in the day and it just spells disaster. On the plus side I craved the hell out of veggies …


On the negative side I also craved the hell out of M&Ms and beer. And I gave in to my craving. I’m not talking a handful of M&Ms and one cold one here … I’m talking probably 3-4 servings of M&Ms and 3 or 4 beers (I lost count).

I always tend to sabotage myself at night. Especially after an intense workout, eating late and not eating enough earlier in the day. And to make matters worse I let my Brita water filter go empty therefore the only drinkable thing in my house was the beer. Doh! I set myself for failure. Problem is I do it over and over again. When will I ever learn?

I’ve got some possibly exciting (to me, and not really very exciting in the big scheme of life) things in the works for tomorrow. Now that I think about it its really not all that grand. Fill you in tomorrow.


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