Lunch – Take Two

Have you ever had a lunch so good that you wanted it again for dinner?

Normally I like a huge variety of foods in my diet, I’m not big on leftovers and I don’t like to cook the same thing over and over again (with a few exceptions).

Today for lunch I decided on a tomato sandwich, an ear of corn on the cob, and a few baby carrots with hummus for dipping. Nothing spectacular … I didn’t even bother taking pics.

Except … it was spectacular!

Something was just so freaking awesome about this tomato sandwich that I was left wanting more.

I originally planned on having Stuffed Jumbo Shells for dinner tonight. I even prepared them super early so we could just put a little sauce on top and pop them in the oven.

The hubby really wanted to go to our community association’s Ice cream Social tonight, but we didn’t have time to get dinner in before we went to the 6:30 event. We planned on eating ice cream as our appetizer and dinner afterwards.

I headed to the gym before the social to try to squeeze in a quick workout. I ended up running 4 miles in about 32 minutes! It feels so good to run again. I can’t wait until the weather cools off some so I can get back on the roads. I just can’t seem to get up early enough to beat the heat.

After ice cream we determined we didn’t need such a heavy dinner after all so we made sandwiches. I took the opportunity to repeat my amazing tomato sandwich from lunch.

There were 3 things that I think really made this sandwich spectacular.

1. DSC_1895
I got this mayo for free from Publix last week. Coupons rock!

2. The bread (see pic above). I used Italian specialty bread that I also got from Publix for $.79 instead of the $2.79 original price. Coupons rock again! Oh … and you must toast it. This is an absolute requirement for the perfect tomato sandwich.

3. This mix of lettuce.

I’m not even exactly sure what it is, its similar to Spring Mix but slightly different. My grandmother buys it from somewhere and occasionally sends some home with me. Its the best!

DSC_1901 +



Its just perfect. Its an art. Its a science. What can I say?

Stuffed Jumbo Shells will have to wait until tomorrow.


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One response to “Lunch – Take Two

  1. tia

    Huge congrats on all your weightloss, you look great.

    That tomatoe sammich looks delicoius, I use that combo alot but mostly have open sammichs now so I only eat one piece of bread!

    Your son is so adorable!

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