I eat healthy all day and then when the sun goes down its like a freakin’ free-for-all. I really need to learn how to stop this behavior. I tell myself day in and day out … I will not eat unless I’m hungry. Then for some reason or another I continue to do it anyway … every single day.
Today’s eats were pretty healthy. Plain oatmeal with a green apple sautéed in cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar. Yum!


Oh and raisins.

Lunch was a Morningstar Farm Italian Chik’n Sandwhich with … what else … corn on the cob and grapes.


I took Lincoln to story time at the public library today and then to the park. It was HOT with a capital H.



Dinner was simple enough. Jumbo Stuffed Pasta Shells from yesterday plus a salad.



Unfortunately after dinner my spoon found its way into the Peanut butter jar … and then the peanut butter found its way into some M&Ms. Three Times!

Ugh! Now I feel sick. Why do I continue to do this to myself! Hoping to go running with R3 early tomorrow morning to work off some of my indiscretions! LOL



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3 responses to “Sabotage

  1. Hey, it happens! Just shake it off and move on. There is always tomorrow!

  2. That is why you run! So you CAN eat what you want to eat! Don’t be so hard on yourself!

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