Working on a Good Day

Yesterday was the pits. Tim and I went out to run some errands and we noticed that my car was having a little trouble accelerating. A little while later the “check engine” light came on. I started freaking out thinking something bad was about to happen. We stopped by an Auto Zone and they used their diagnostic tool to see what made the light come on and told us that it was most likely the catalytic converter.

I immediately jumped on the internet from my phone to research how much this was going to cost us. Of course things start going to shit when I’m out of work and I’ve almost paid off my vehicle. All I could come up with is that it could be anywhere from $200-$900.

I worried myself sick about it all evening.

This morning Tim took the car in to be seen about and we found out that it definitely was the catalytic converter, but that its covered under warranty up to 80,000 miles. I’m only at 72,000! Woot!

The doctors office called me early this morning and told me they had several cancellations today and for me to come on in as soon as possible instead of waiting until my 12:45 appointment time.

I raced over there, almost sick to my stomach thinking about the possibility that I couldn’t convince the doctor to go ahead and let me return to work. I’m happy to say though that I was successful!

2010-07-12 10.06.46

Woohooo! I never thought I’d be so happy to be going back to work.

I ran a few more errands on the way home, and then I was starving!

I decided to try out this little soufflé thing I bought today. I don’t typically eat pre-packed frozen foods, but I needed something quick.


I was very impressed with the ingredient list.


I’ll most likely try to duplicate this on my own next time because the price was a little off-putting. It was $3.99 regularly, and I had a $1.00 off coupon. Even at $2.99 I think its a little steep.

I served my soufflé with a side of couscous, corn on the cob and a hunk of sourdough bread smeared with hummus.


The soufflé was soooo good! Too bad its not very affordable for this mama on a budget.

So far today has been looking up! I’m getting ready now to head out for an elliptical workout. Have a great day!



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2 responses to “Working on a Good Day

  1. Pleased to hear about the warranty – I learnt recently just how wonderful they can be!

    Did you know that you can freeze home-made frittata? So useful for a quick meal.

  2. Pat Morgan

    Enjoyed reading about your culinary efforts, sorry about the beans, hope it turned out all right. Glad you’re going to be able to go back to work on Thursday. Hope we can see you before then. Thank Goodness for Car Warranties and other insurance.

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