Double Digit Training Run

Today was my first double digit run since February 14th when I ran the Mercedes Half Marathon in Birmingham. I knew it had been a while, but it wasn’t until I consulted my DailyMile that I realized it had been THAT long.

I met up with the Montgomery Half Marathon training group again this morning downtown at 6:00 am.

I keep forgetting to get a group picture!

My running partner claimed on Facebook this morning:

‎10 miles……I’m coming for YOU!!!

To which I responded:

Aaaah, if you claim it on FB we have to do it! LOL

And we did!

I felt quite lost today because my Garmin wouldn’t turn on this morning. I needed to do a hard reset, but I didn’t figure it out until after I got back home. Just FYI if this ever happens to you hold in: reset + mode and push the power button. Good as new! I’ve had to do this twice now.

Fortunately, my partner had her Garmin so we weren’t completely disconnected. Its amazing how much we rely on technology these days.

Our course map for today looked like this:


Other stats:

The problem when I run like this is that I think I can eat whatever I want. And I do.

After our run we headed out for breakfast, I had a buy one, get one free coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket. Ha!

2010-08-07 08.50.37

We asked to sit outside this time so that we wouldn’t stink up the joint and so that I wouldn’t freeze to death. I get really cold after I run.

I ordered a Santa Fe breakfast wrap, but was served a Santa Fe omelet instead. Whatev.

2010-08-07 08.50.18

It was SPICY! But delicious. I ended up asking for sour cream to cool it down a little, then it was perfect!

2010-08-07 09.03.20

I thought this breakfast would keep me full enough to skip lunch altogether, but lo and behold … I found myself hungry after a few hours.

Lunch was a BBQ sandwich.


I was just craaaaaving pork. With pickles and mustard of course, on homemade bread.


With tortilla chips and salsa on the side …


See what I mean about thinking I can eat anything and everything?

Don’t worry though, no animals were killed in the making of this sandwich. Its actually vegetarian bbq …

I probably never would have tried this except for the fact that I got it on super sale (with coupons) for $0.99. Its normally $4.99. I definitely wouldn’t have paid that price for it. It was pretty delish though I have to say. But I still won’t pay full price 😛

Now its nap time if I can ever get the toddler to give in to sleep.


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One response to “Double Digit Training Run

  1. Allison

    Hey – just wanted to mention something I thought of while reading this post. It can be really dangerous to post your running route online. I was recently internet stalked (which is why my blog, balance in bites, is no longer up *sadface*) and this guy knew EVERYTHING about me – where I live, work, my phone number – he even called my mother at the house I grew up in. It was really creepy. Everything worked out and he hasn’t contacted me in a long time (and if he does, I’m going straight to the police), but I always wonder, if I had put my running route up on my blog, would he have tried to “bump into” me while I was out?

    It’s scary stuff. I would strongly urge you not to post your running route… just for safety reasons. I don’t mean to lecture or sound annoying. Just wanted to share my story with you.

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