This is How It’s Done

Don’t worry, I’m not trying to turn Eat to Live, Live to Run into a couponing blog. But I get so giddy excited when I get great deals that I just have to share. Its pretty much a hobby at this point, I find it sooo fun to see how much money I can save. I can’t believe the whole world doesn’t do this!

So these were my buys today:


Dial Nutriskin bodywash, Bio True contact solution, Schick Hydro shave gel, Shich Hydro 3 razor, Sharpie marker (filler item).

Normally this would have cost me: $21.95

With my coupons I paid: $9.03 out of pocket, but wait .. wait .. I got back Register Rewards (which are basically coupons off your next purchase of any item at Walgreen’s). I got back a $4 RR, a $3 one and a $2 one. So taking that into consideration I only paid $0.03 for all of this!!!

Oh .. but wait wait .. more .. there is also a “try it free Schick rebate” going on. I sent in my receipt and I will receive (in 6-8 weeks of course) the original price of the Schick Razor back, $7.99.

So I MADE $7.96 on this transaction!

Now on to the more blog themed topics:

The Half Marathon training program called for a 3 mile run + strength training today.

The Hubby and I headed to the gym tonight to get our workout on. Of course all of the treadmills were full of walkers reading books. I have no hate for walking, except for when I’m waiting to RUN! To make matters worse, I got ‘mill-blocked twice before I finally decided to get on the crappiest treadmill. In other words, I was waiting to get on and when the person got off someone else jumped on before I could make my way over …. twice!

So frustrating!

The crappy treadmill wasn’t so bad after all though, and I knocked out my 3 miles easily with a pace of 8:20. I did a few of the weight machines and some free weight arm exercises to get my strength training in. Strength is definitely not my strong suit, but I want to get better.

Dinner was a yummy Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella ravioli with a side salad. Followed by my favorite dessert as of late:

All hail the “Peanut Butter Spoon”, as Lincoln calls it. Really what can be better than a peanut butter spoon? …  except maybe …

Oh yeah baby!


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One response to “This is How It’s Done

  1. Abi

    What’s better than a pb spoon… a Nutella spoon–or just the whole jar o’ Nutella. Heart, heart, heart!!!

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