Red Beans & Banana Soft Serve?

Tonight I discovered that Red bean and rice + parmesan cheese = total awesomeness. Why has  no one ever discovered this??? I got my recipe from here. Honestly, I don’t remember it being this good the first time I made it. Tonight I heated up frozen leftovers … from February. It was awesome.

I also tried out the Banana Soft Serve recipe from Raw Food Nation. I was expecting perfection after all the rave reviews I’ve read. Honestly .. not so much. Sorry! Try it though, you may disagree, as much as the blog world has. Back to work tomorrow night. See you in a few day.

On a side not … tomorrow is Swagtravangaza day. Don’t miss out on the action. If you aren’t currently a member click this link to get going. Basically its a Google based search engine that you use for your normal everyday internet searches and randomly you will win Swagbucks which you can them redeem for a multitude of prizes. I like to trade mine in for the Amazon $5 gift cards. I’m saving mine up for the Hubby’s Christmas Present … shhhhh… don’t tell. I already have $45 worth of gift cards. 🙂

Use the Swagcode BackToSchool to score you 70 bucks just for signing up.

No spam mail. I promise. 🙂


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