The Training Continues …

I woke up at 2:30 am on Saturday morning after sleeping for 4 hours. I tried and tried to go back to sleep to no avail. At 6:00 am I met my Montgomery Half Marathon training group for our Saturday practice run. The best part of my weekends! I love this time to myself.

This week we decided to work on the back half of the course, we started at the 5 mile mark and ran to the end of the course. This back portion of the course in my opinion is much more challenging than the first 5 miles. It was TOUGH!


Running is 90% mental and 10% physical for me. Usually when I feel that a run went well or went badly it has more to do with how I felt mentally than how my body felt. Part of what made this portion of the course so hard for me is that I was starting at the 5 mile point … therefore my mind felt like I had already run 5 miles. Make any sense?

You can tell from the stats that physically I actually did just fine, it was completely mental.

My running buddy (Marsha) and I actually intended to run 8 miles, but somehow we miscalculated the mileage. We both agreed that we were fine with it, and felt that neither one of us could have taken one more single step.

There wasn’t wasn’t much time to relax after our tough run though, because I had to prepare for my friend Niki’s bridal couple’s shower and run errands.

I was completely exhausted, but a good time was had by all.




There weren’t very many vegetarian options, but Crockmiers has the best Stuffed Mushrooms around.


And plenty of beer …


That’s all it takes to make me happy.



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2 responses to “The Training Continues …

  1. Abi

    So… Tim was the entertainment? Are you okay with him rubbing his heiny in other ladies’ faces? ;c)

  2. What fun! Sorry it’s so hot, but you’re kickin’ butt girl!

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