The Final Long Run

Today was my last official Montgomery Half Marathon training run. Next weekend I’ll be at a wedding out of town. I’ll be running on my own between now and then of course, but I’m definitely going to miss this great group of runners on Saturday mornings.


I carbed up last night in preparation for my 10-miler with the group this morning. (Actually my kitchen is just quite barren right now except for pasta, thanks to my Publix coupon deals).


Very simple, but really delish. One and a half servings of thin spaghetti, steamed broccoli, sautéed squash and zucchini and Newman’s Own Sockarooni Sauce.

The carbs must have worked because I felt great for my run this morning! Unfortunately my training partner, Marsha, didn’t feel great at all. After giving blood yesterday and partaking in too many glasses of wine last night she was seriously struggling.

We maintained a respectable (but slower than usual) pace for the first couple of miles, and then she totally hit the wall and starting having cramps. We dropped our pace significantly for several miles. At mile 7 she told me to go on without her and finish it, while she took a walking break.

I picked up the pace significantly and finished it out feeling strong!

Mile 1 – 9:04
Mile 2 – 9:29
Mile 3 – 9:29
Mile 4 – 10:00
Mile 5 – 9:57
Mile 6 – 10:23
Mile 7 – 9:14
Mile 8 – 8:20
Mile 9 – 8:10
Mile 10 – 8:08
<—- Zoom Zoom!

Marsha pushed through the pain, kept strong and finished out her 10 miles as well.

We met back up with the rest of the group and had breakfast and beer on the Riverboat.



I had eggs, grits, a biscuit and fruit. A very yellow breakfast.


I officially need to go grocery shopping, by my standards my fridge is barren.

I threw together a very random lunch with a few things I had in my pantry. Quite an odd combination … baked beans, vegetable rice, squash and broccoli (leftover from dinner).


I mixed it all together and topped it with a little parmesan cheese. It was actually pretty tasty, the beans gave it a nice smoky flavor.

Lincoln and I had a scrumptious 3 hour nap together this afternoon. Then I cleaned the house and then it was time to eat again. Its amazing how hungry I get when I’m doing long runs.

I struggled to find something to eat for dinner. In the depths of my freezer I found one single lonely Falafel that I had made back in March!

I also found half of a tomato, a random cucumber, and red onion. I needed something saucy to put on it though … I’m totally out of hummus. Tim suggested I make a homemade tzatziki with sour cream, dill and lime juice.



Rolled it all up in a Flat Out Wrap.


Six month old Falafel + random veggies + homemade Tzatziki = amazingness!


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  1. Roxie Bethea

    I enjoyed meeting you Saturday and thank you for taking our picture. We really had a great time. I wish we had been running with this group all along. I meet some really Great people!

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