Mock Tuna Salad

I get really bored if I eat the same things over and over again. The last couple of months I feel like I’ve really gotten stuck in a rut with my vegetarian eating. This week I spent some time looking through recipes to decide what my menu plan for the week would be. I incorporated some of my old favorites with some new recipes to come up with this list of meals.


I made Portobello Burgers last night. Yes, I’ve made them 3 times (not including leftovers) in the last month. I can’t help it, I’ve been craving them! After last night though I think they are now going on the “burnt out” list for a while.

Today I tried a new recipe for lunch, Mock Tuna Salad. The funny thing is that I’ve never even liked tuna, atleast not the canned kind. But this recipe is made with Chickpeas, and I looooove Chickpeas.

I actually bought dried chickpeas and rehydrated them. Sooo much cheaper, but it does take some pre-planning. I soaked them in hot water overnight and then simmered them on the stove for about an hour and a half this morning.

As usual I didn’t measure any ingredients, but used the recipe as a guideline.

I started with this pile of peas …


I attempted to mash them with a potato masher, but that proved to be too cumbersome so I tossed them in the food processor and pulsed it until I got the consistency I wanted. Then comes mayonnaise … way too much to be healthy …


The recipe called for Brown Spicy Mustard, but I only had Dijon .. so I went with it.

+ Sweet Relish + Green Onions =


I like a lot of green onion … obviously.


+ tomato slices + shredded lettuce =


Tada! Lunch.

Next time I think I’ll try it with dill relish.

Tim declared it delish and wants it everyday from now on.


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