Facing Fear

Remember this? …


That’s the bike that I got for Mother’s Day this year.

If you don’t remember, the day I got the bike I fell off of it and almost broke my wrist. Here’s the post. I’ve only biked once since the fall, and it was actually the next day.

I took the bike to the shop and had the clipless pedals removed and cages put on, because I knew I wasn’t ready for them yet. But yet … I still never biked.

I finally decided yesterday was the day for me to overcome my fear and get back on the bike.

I drove myself to a flat, low traffic area, that I knew well. I still didn’t use the cages, but I did bike!

I rode 11 miles in 49 minutes! Not impressive by any means, but its a start. I was proud.

Now I just need to stick to it and ride atleast twice a week or help myself become more comfortable on the bike.

Once I got going I actually had a great time! Its just the starting, stopping and turning that freaks me out 😛

Back to work tonight, so the blogging will be minimal for several days.

I’m working on a lunch right now that I have been craving for days! I hope I have time to share the results of that later. Be on the lookout!



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2 responses to “Facing Fear

  1. Amanda, the more you do it the more confident you will become. Enjoy the process. It really is a lot of fun once you get comfortable with it!

  2. I can’t wait to start biking, hopefully we will get our bikes soon. Keep it up! I haven’t ridden since I was about 13, so I know all about being a little freaked out about it.

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