Time Out

I haven’t mentioned this on the blog yet, but for the past couple of weeks I’ve been experiencing some pretty severe knee pain during and after running. I noticed it shortly after the half marathon on October 2nd.

Most of my aches and pains up until this point have worked themselves out over time without any real need to take any extended amount of time off. This pain is severe enough that I’m starting to get worried.

I’m putting myself on a 1 week running restriction starting immediately. I will attempt to crosstrain on the elliptical and bike but if that seems to aggravate the knee I will cut that out also. If after a week the pain isn’t gone or remarkably better I will make an appointment to see a Orthopedic Specialist.

I’m so stubborn that its hard for me to admit that I need a break. My body deserves it, it has served me well so far and I don’t want to risk the chance of permanent or severe injury. I’m depressed 😦



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4 responses to “Time Out

  1. Rose

    I would suggest you first go to a couple of sessions with a chiropractor or other massage therapist who is certified in “active release therapy”. Ask at your local running store, they will know who the good ones are, they are treating the runners in your area. Often knee pain in runners is the result of muscles not moving correctly, especially around the IT band, and ART helps release the muscles, break up the inflammation and get you out there again. I have at least 2 friends who were told they needed knee surgery & would possibly not run again who were completely healed through ART adjustments. Just a suggestion….

  2. emma

    You are smart to take some time off. I had trouble with my IT band after I finished a half-marathon in March. I wish I would have rested when I first started to feel pain, as I eventually was in excrutiating pain and had to take a lot more time off than I had wanted. Hang in there– you are doing what’s best for your body!

  3. Trust your instincts…they never fail!

  4. Nadine

    It took a lot for me to realize that I had to stop and listen to my body too. Go get it checked. Just have a professional look at it and tell you how to treat it — some knee injuries need ice, some need heat, some can elliptical on some need complete rest. If you want to continue to run long term, its worth a little hiatus now.

    I had IT band issues and thought I would never run again (the pain was THAT bad) — I stopped running (in the middle of 1/2 marathon training no less) for 6 full weeks (I did a hard core boot camp during those 6 weeks but NO running) — and went on to complete the 1/2 anyway.

    Keep the faith, a little time and attention and you’ll be back to normal quickly.

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