Do It With What You’ve Got

Have you ever watched the show Chopped?

I’ve become obsessed with the show lately for some reason. Its another reality cooking show where someone gets voted off .. yada yada.

But what I like about the show is that the contestants are giving a basket of secret ingredients at the beginning of each round to create a meal with. You might get a basket of jumbo shrimp, grape jelly, asparagus and mayonnaise. You never know! The contestants have to make something edible out of the ingredients they were given using every one. Sometimes they come up with some really creative and unique things.

This week is going to be kind of like Chopped in my house.

With Christmas coming I’m alot shorter on  money right now than I would like to be. (Why do we continue to do this to ourselves year after year!?!) Today I really thought I needed to go grocery shopping, but when I examined my pantry, freezer and fridge I realized I have TONS of things to eat. It just doesn’t seem like I have things that go together to make a complete meal.

My challenge tonight is to use the ingredients that I have on hand to create meals for the week and save the grocery shopping until the weekend. Hopefully this will save me the $75 or so that I would have spent at the store today.

This challenge is going to get harder and harder as the week goes by and my on-hand ingredients dwindles.

Tonight I started with some random ingredients I found: potato, asparagus, spinach, mushrooms and onion and I created this:

P1010279Nothing too out of the ordinary. Grilled asparagus, baked potato, garlic bread and spinach and mushrooms sautéed in balsamic vinegar. Delish! And vegetarian to boot! (I still don’t have any meat in my house so we’ll be seeing alot of vegetarian dishes this week).

On another note, I ran the longest distance at one time today that I have run in probably 2 months.

I ran 4.5 miles in just less than 40 minutes!

It was bittersweet though because although I was able to make the whole distance, my knee was hurting quite a bit. I almost stopped at 2 miles, but then the pain eased off a little. It came back towards the end. Downhills really kill me!

Tomorrow is my MRI. I just wish I didn’t have to wait another week for some possible answers. And then what if they don’t find anything? Ugh!


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One response to “Do It With What You’ve Got

  1. Congratulations on your run time.
    And I totally understand the “pantry full of things that don’t go together” situation. I’ve been there before.

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