MRI Results

Just a quick post as I’m headed out the door for work …

I had my follow up with Dr. Hester this morning about my knee. He didn’t find anything significant on the MRI. He said there was some arthritis and a little bone spurring behind my kneecap, but nothing he could do anything about. I guess this is a blessing, especially since my knee has been about 90% better lately. And atleast I can run! Somedays.

It still doesn’t explain the debilitating pain that I endured for almost 6 weeks where I could barely walk, much less run. There were days when I couldn’t even make it across the parking lot at work … or damn … from my bed to the bathroom. I’m definitely glad that I’m not looking at surgery and I can get back to living my life. But it makes me kinda feel like a crazy person!



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3 responses to “MRI Results

  1. That is great news that there is no significant damage. Very positive. I am so glad it is getting better and you can run again. What a great feeling. 🙂

  2. Glad your knee is better! At least the problem is minimal. I know that it sucks not to be able to run or exercise.

  3. Glad your doing better. You’ll get back to speed in no time.

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