Good Run, Good Eats

Aaaah, I finally finished my Christmas shopping today. It was CRAZY out there. Christmas really brings out the best worst in people. Every year I say I’m not going to overdo Christmas the next year, and every year I do anyway. Now I’ve got about 4 hours worth of wrapping to do.

Fact: I’m horrible at wrapping presents. Even the hubby is better than I am at it.

After fighting the traffic and crowds today, I just wanted to get outside and run. I rushed home to fit a run in before it got dark and I knocked out 4 miles in 32 minutes!

My splits were the best that I’ve had since the Montgomery Half in October: 8:19, 8:17, 7:59, 7:33. I felt like I was flying! This is the kind of run that I wish all my runs could be.

Tim forgot to thaw out the chicken breasts I was going to use to make dinner tonight. I was really excited about a new Pesto Chicken recipe I found too. 😦

Instead I made the Broiled Tilapia Parmesan again from last week. It was just as good as I remember!

With a Blue Moon of course …

Post run beers are the bestest!



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2 responses to “Good Run, Good Eats

  1. “Post run beers are the bestest!” – AMEN!

  2. Archie B

    I dont know why but I have been craving brussle sprouts. They look great.

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