Food Gawker

This site should be called Food Porn, because I guarantee you just looking at the pictures will make your mouth water.

hoppin-john-4 Hoppin’ John

This is one of the recipes I plan on making for my New Year’s Eve dinner tomorrow night (I have to work New Year’s Day), along with pork tenderloin, collards, and homemade buttermilk cornbread.

All this plus the 2 bottles of Champagne I bought should make for a great evening!

It doesn’t sound like it from my menu, but I actually am back on Weight Watchers again. I don’t want this site to turn in to a weightloss blog, so I probably won’t talk about it much in the future but I would like to lose about 10 pounds in the next 6 weeks or so. I really think just a few pounds will help with my speed and endurance while running.

Speaking of running, its been going well. No hint of knee pain at all! However I have been experiencing some minor foot pain, it seems to be the same foot pain that I was having before the Montgomery Half Marathon in October. Its not severe, but its beginning to get irritating.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Years!

Are you a resolution maker? Do you tend to stick to them or forget about them after a couple of weeks?

I haven’t yet thought about making any resolutions. I’ll let you know if I do.



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