First Time Doing it Twice

Confusing title, huh? What I mean by that is that tomorrow will be the first race that I have done twice. The Cruising the Creekwalk 5K is tomorrow morning and it will be the first race that I’ve done 2 years in a row. 🙂

From the emails I’ve gotten the course has changed a bit since last year, they took out Gin Shop Road. Gin Shop Road is a steep hill that most local runners are familiar with. Cruising the Creekwalk is actually my current PR for a 5K at 22:45.


You’d think with the change of the course I’d be in a good position to set a new PR. I don’t think so. Actually, I’m almost 100% positive that won’t be the case. I don’t even want to.

I know that sounds crazy, but lately I’ve decided that I’d rather have fun and enjoy myself than run at an all out sprint for 3.1 miles (or whatever the distance may be).

With this realization and the fact that I have several factors working against me, including:

  1. Gained a few pounds since this time last year.
  2. Knee and hip pain (now the other knee is hurting!!)
  3. Will be wearing brand new shoes

I’m just looking for some fun!

Now don’t get me wrong, I still want to do well. And I’m not the type that can just sit back and not give it a decent go. I’m just hoping that “the girl that always beats me” isn’t there. Cause then it might just have to be ON!

Me and "the girl". Me and “The Girl”


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