Better Late Than Never

I just decided, within the last 2 weeks that I want to run the Mercedes Half Marathon again this year on February 13th! Less than 4 weeks away, like almost 3 weeks away! Aaack!

I always feel better when I have a plan, even this late in the game. Atleast it makes me feels like I attempted to prepare. One might say I prepared to prepare.


As usual I am loosely following Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Training Plan.

I can’t lie, when I mapped out the plan and realized that my first real week of training called for 9 miles, I was scurred! With my knee injury I hadn’t run more than 6 miles at one time since the Montgomery Half Marathon on October 2nd.

I forced myself to get up early Sunday morning (I’m usually an afternoon runner) and get it out of the way first thing. I wasn’t feeling too optimistic after my awesome 5K on Saturday. My body was tired! But I forced myself to atleast attempt it. This would be the run that would determine if I should go ahead with the training or if it was just “too much, too fast” for a half marathon next month.

I headed out to my favorite running spot equipped with my iPod, which I have been leaving behind on my non-treadmill runs. I figured I could use the extra incentive that day though. I made up my mind that I would run easy and not worry about my pace or how long it took and I set my iPod to my “chill music” playlist which is basically my “anything but rock or rap” list.

Before I knew it I had already run 7 miles! I was absolutely amazed that I had already been running for an hour. I wasn’t tired, my body wasn’t aching, I wasn’t cold (or hot) even though it was 27 degrees outside. I felt awesome! I didn’t even feel like I was exerting any energy at all. I finished up my 9 miles with no problems.


I, of course, immediately updated my Facebook status to say “I feel pretty badass!”

There is nothing like a great run under your belt to make you feel on top of the world.

It was almost the perfect run except that I lost my favorite running hat along the road and was never able to find it. I tucked it between my Spibelt strap and my body and the next time I looked down it was gone. I drove up and down the road a couple of times searching for it, and even sent Tim out to search for it a couple of hours later to no avail.

R.I.P buddy.




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2 responses to “Better Late Than Never

  1. I’m so impressed – 9 miles in 78 minutes! Good for you!

    I still need to sign up for my first run of the year!

    I also lost my favorite headband after a race. Strapped it on my water belt and then took off the water belt without remembering the headband! Sad!

  2. You are FAST! You’re gonna rock that half, no doubt.

    Also, I have that same hat from the 12Ks of Christmas race! That sucks that you lost yours. Maybe it’s a good excuse to buy a cute new one?

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