The Long Run that Almost Wasn’t

Today’s long run almost didn’t happen. I woke up yesterday morning with a horrible earache that quickly progressed to include a painful lump in my throat. As soon as I could get out the door I headed to the doctor. I got an antibiotic and a steroid shot, eardrops and a diagnosis of tonsillitis and fluid on my eardrum. I felt miserable all day.

When I woke up today I felt horrible again. After some eardrops for pain, Sudafed to dry my ear out and even trying to blow dry the fluid out I actually felt a little better. I remembered my first 10K race when I woke up sick on race morning. I ran anyway, and felt better while running than I felt the rest of the day.

I decided to go ahead and give today’s 12-miler a try. The worst that could happen is that I just couldn’t do it and I quit, right?

I really did not want to miss my last long run before my race next weekend, especially since I wasn’t able to complete my long run last week. That still loomed over my head. Plus the weather today was GORGEOUS!

No problem!

I felt great while I was running except for really dry lips. Oh and … after about 8 miles I get this spot on my foot where it feels like sandpaper rubbing. Maybe I should try doubling up my socks?

When I got back home I walked past a mirror and realized I was bleeding!

I thought this only happened to men! Apparently my sports bra chafed me bad enough that I bled. Now I look like someone took razor blades to my chest. Has this ever happened to any of you ladies? I definitely need to slather on the Body Glide a little thicker next time.

Post run re-fueling involved this can of Amy’s Lentil Soup:

Best lentil soup ever, especially with a sprinkle of parmesan on top. I ate the whole can, plus a hummus, tomato and arugula sammy.

P1030020 P1030024



You’d think I was a vegetarian again. 😛

I’m currently cooking up this recipe for Crockpot Chicken Tacos for tonight.

I’m loving the Hillbilly Housewife website lately, its got some really good ideas for frugal recipes.



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2 responses to “The Long Run that Almost Wasn’t

  1. Love all the Amy’s food. Their vegetable Lasagna, Santa Fe Enchilada and Black Bean soup are my favorites.

    You didn’t find any snakes at the table? 😉

  2. That hasn’t happened to me the way it happens to you — I might (barely) bleed. But compared to your shirt, it’s more of a deep mark than cut. Great run today. As always, I’m impressed with what you can get out there and do!

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