Menu Planning

Menu planning is hard. Its especially hard when you combine the desire to eat healthy and the desire to save money. Those factors often clash.

My fridge is barren.

It looks alot more full than it really is. Its really just a bunch of condiments.

I’ve got a bunch of recipe books pulled out, trying to find inspiration.

One thing I’m trying to do to help save money is make several meals that use the same ingredients in different ways and use items I already have on-hand.

So far my weekly menu looks like this:

White Chili – using leftover pork loin from last night’s Cuban sandwiches and dried beans instead of canned to make it way cheaper.

BBQ chicken – Have alot on hand from a great sale a few weeks ago.

Chicken Tacos – Made a double batch and froze it last week.

Ham & Swiss Quiche – Have plenty of eggs and swiss cheese on hand.

Crockpot Chicken Thighs with Corn and Green Chilies – I just love this recipe (from Weight Watchers), I’ll probably spend the most money making this.

Puree of Lentils w/ Baked Eggs – Sounds weird, looks weird. But for some reason I want to try it. That and I have plenty of lentils and eggs already.

Aaaaand now I’m hungry.


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