Favorite Recipes

Today for lunch I made one of my most favorite meals, Portobello Burgers. I discovered this recipe during my stent as a vegetarian for a year. I’ve been waiting for the warmer weather to enjoy this again!

Its so easy.

  1. Marinate mushroom caps in olive oil (drizzled on) and whatever seasonings you’d like. I used McCormick Steak Seasoning.


  2. I used a indoor grill pan on the stovetop to grill my mushrooms and rolls. Kaiser rolls from the bakery work well.


  3. Top rolls with whatever delicious fixin’s you prefer. I like to pile mine high with avocado, tomato, lettuce, a little melted mozzerella or provolone cheese, carmelized onions and curry ketchup.


What is curry ketchup?

Ketchup with red curry powder sprinkled on top. Its amazing! I love it on sweet potato fries and burgers. Give it a try.

One of the things that has been a struggle lately is never having any new ideas for meals, especially on days when I’m in a time crunch. I’d love to hear about your favorite recipes in any category: vegetarian, quick and easyslow cooker, healthy. Hit me with your best shot!

Email your favorite recipe (or multiple) to aymcqueen@gmail.com

I’ll try out your recipes and blog about them. Leave your name and/or website so that I can give you the credit. Tell me where you found the recipe if it isn’t an original.

Can’t wait!



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2 responses to “Favorite Recipes

  1. Hilary

    I was an obedient vegetarian for a decade. Portobello burger additive (got this from a recipe): sliver up several cloves of garlic and literally stick the slivers (as if they were toothpicks) into the mushrooms before marinating. Divine. Well, if you love garlic I guess.

  2. The mushroom caps look like donuts! 🙂

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