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Eat Your Veggies

Had Chinese food last night for dinner with a friend. I was telling her how I wanted to get back to eating more vegetable-based meals. I don’t want to have the label of vegetarian, but I definitely want to make more of an effort to eat more healthy plant based foods. Of course I was having this conversation over my Moo Shu Pork.

Like a slap in the face, my fortune hit me.

In the bedroom. 🙂

But in all seriousness, pretty neat huh?

I took my fortune to heart today while grocery shopping.


Yep, thats a single banana in there.

I got hungry while shopping and decided to try to find a quick and healthy breakfast.

I ate a banana and a Organic Bora Bora bar while running my errands.

Finding healthy food on the go isn’t really all that hard, you just have to get a little creative. Grocery stores instead of fast food chains are a great way to pick up something quick and healthy.

Truth: Having a trunk full of plants and reusable shopping bags makes me feel pretty good about myself (and maybe a little superior).


I bought a few more herbs for my herb garden and a couple of ferns for the porch. Then I finally got around to planting said herb garden.

P1050065 P1050067

Like I said, I have no idea what I’m doing soo feel free to criticize my work.

Can you recognize herbs? I’m actually pretty good at it.

In the mix:

  • Sweet Basil x3
  • Cilantro x2
  • Flat Leaf Italian Parsley
  • Sage

Here’s hoping I don’t manage to kill them by the end of the week.

I already needed a shower pretty bad, so I figured it was as good of a time as any for a workout.

I got this thinga-majigy for my indoor trainer …


Its actually a speed/cadence sensor. I can finally know how far I’m riding when I ride indoors. Totally worth the $34 from 🙂

I rode a little half marathon before lunch.

Then I stuffed my belly with this mix of quinoa, broccoli slaw and tofu. I added extra red cabbage, straw mushroom and bean sprouts as well at soy sauce and teriyaki sauce.


Accidentally vegan. And pretty delish too.



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A Random Kind of Day

I realized today we own some really random coffee cups.


Neither the hubby nor I have ever been a social worker. I have no idea how we acquired this mug.

I set my alarm for 6:30 this morning so that I could go for a run before hubby had to start work for the day. As I was getting dressed I tried to come up with a valid reason why I could just go back to bed and workout later. I came up empty handed, so I headed out the door.

I ran my favorite 5 mile route.

I saw a family of three deer crossing the road during my run. I also saw two big turtles walking along side of the road. I’ve never seen a turtle on this route.

I’m pretty sure I scared the piss out of one of the turtles. When I ran by him he went inside his shell and left a stream on the road. Pretty random too.

For some reason I was craving oatmeal after my run, so I created this apple, cinnamon and pecan concoction.


On another random note, I bought some herbs today to plant an herb garden. I have a black thumb. I’m pretty sure I’ve killed cactus’ in the past.

DSC_0411 DSC_0407

This will end badly.


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Family Vacation & Vegetable Fried Quinoa Recipe

Hi guys! I’m going to quit apologizing for my extended absences and just get down to business.

The fam and I went on vacation this week. We spent 4 days in Biloxi, Mississippi and 3 days in Baton Rouge, Louisiana visiting family.

Sample random pics from our trip:

IMG_20110415_113721 IMG_20110416_131121

IMG_20110416_195810 IMG_20110415_195715

IMG_20110417_102246 IMG_20110417_104042

IMG_20110415_135347 IMG_20110419_150918

IMG_20110419_151404 IMG_20110419_151727

IMG_20110416_125124 IMG_20110416_121230

We went to the casinos, beach, and Discovery Children’s Museum. We visited the NASA John C. Stennis Space Center and went on a wildlife safari.

My real camera died and I forgot to bring the battery charger so I had to rely on my crappy cellphone camera. 😦

I ate so much this week while on vacation that I could tell my pants were getting tighter and tighter. I actually got tired of eating out, and that never happens.

Thankfully I got in several runs while away to offset some of the eating we did. Lets just say its WINDY on the beach front roads!

On the 6 hour drive home I searched for new healthy recipes and made a grocery list. One of the recipes I came across was this Vegetable Fried Quinoa.

I made my version yesterday.


In the mix are:

  • carrots
  • red cabbage
  • asparagus
  • zucchini
  • egg

I just love food with color!

The recipe turned out great. I definitely recommend it.

We had a great time and some great food, but as Dorothy says: “there’s no place like home”.

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As Seen on TV

One night I was watching late night infomercials and decided I HAD to have a Ped Egg. Remember those?

Well, turns out they make eggcellent zesters (get it? ped egg).

DSC_0376 DSC_0380

Its probably best if you designate one for food and one for feet. Just saying, unless it isn’t obvious.

Last night I was craving fish tacos. I found this recipe and remembered my Ped Egg. I made a yummy dressing for them with sour cream, sriracha and lime zest.


I just love eating colorful things. If you know me, you know that I have a weird obsession about having colorful food. I can’t stand to eat a plate of food where everything is the same shade. It does not make a happy plate.

For lunch today I used some of my leftover Fish Taco toppings and made Mexican Baked Potatoes. I was really just coming up with an excuse to make more Sriracha Lime Dressing 🙂


I had a great 5 mile run this morning. I wasn’t actually planning to run until later on this afternoon, but when I woke up this morning and discovered that it was 45 degrees outside I knew I had to jump on it. I dropped everything that I was planning on doing and headed out.

I had lots of interesting thoughts rolling around in my head during my run today, that maybe I will turn into a blog post at a later time. But for now its time for an afternoon nap before I head back to the J-O-B tonight.

On another topic …

For those of you who don’t know, my dad had surgery yesterday to remove him cancerous tumor. It was a big surgery and he’s going to be in the ICU for several days. Thank you to all of those who’ve shown their love and support for my family, please continue to do so.


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Asian Lettuce Wraps

I have been absolutely craving lettuce wraps for the past couple of weeks. I went to Birmingham recently to visit a friend and had some amazing wraps at a restaurant there called Stix. My friend Vanessa and I couldn’t decide between the Lettuce Wraps on the menu and the Cabbage Wraps. So we got both. I’m still not sure which ones I liked better, they were both so good.

Last night for dinner I decided to try my hand at recreating my own lettuce wraps. I used this recipe as a guide.

Ingredients included:

  • 1 pound very lean ground beef
  • head of lettuce
  • 1 bag of broccoli slaw (not in original recipe, wanted to add more texture and veggies)
  • 1 large onion chopped
  • green onion, chopped
  • Soy sauce, white wine vinger, hoisin sauce, ponzu sauce.


1. Brown ground beef and cook onions together.
2. Steam broccoli slaw in the microwave in 1 tablespoon of water, in a microwaveable container with lid just slightly open on one corner.
3. Add sauces to beef mixture. I didn’t measure anything of course, but I will say that I added mostly soy and hoisin sauce and just a splash of vinegar, thai chili sauce and ponzu.
4. Tear lettuce leaves and serve alongside beef mixture.


I topped my beef mixture with crunchy chow mein noodles. It was perfect!

I can definitely see myself craving this on a regular basis!

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