Family Vacation & Vegetable Fried Quinoa Recipe

Hi guys! I’m going to quit apologizing for my extended absences and just get down to business.

The fam and I went on vacation this week. We spent 4 days in Biloxi, Mississippi and 3 days in Baton Rouge, Louisiana visiting family.

Sample random pics from our trip:

IMG_20110415_113721 IMG_20110416_131121

IMG_20110416_195810 IMG_20110415_195715

IMG_20110417_102246 IMG_20110417_104042

IMG_20110415_135347 IMG_20110419_150918

IMG_20110419_151404 IMG_20110419_151727

IMG_20110416_125124 IMG_20110416_121230

We went to the casinos, beach, and Discovery Children’s Museum. We visited the NASA John C. Stennis Space Center and went on a wildlife safari.

My real camera died and I forgot to bring the battery charger so I had to rely on my crappy cellphone camera. 😦

I ate so much this week while on vacation that I could tell my pants were getting tighter and tighter. I actually got tired of eating out, and that never happens.

Thankfully I got in several runs while away to offset some of the eating we did. Lets just say its WINDY on the beach front roads!

On the 6 hour drive home I searched for new healthy recipes and made a grocery list. One of the recipes I came across was this Vegetable Fried Quinoa.

I made my version yesterday.


In the mix are:

  • carrots
  • red cabbage
  • asparagus
  • zucchini
  • egg

I just love food with color!

The recipe turned out great. I definitely recommend it.

We had a great time and some great food, but as Dorothy says: “there’s no place like home”.


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