Chickpea Curry Recipe


I found this recipe on   Pinterest and thought it would make a great, quick recipe for a busy (or lazy) night. Aside from the 45 minutes it takes to make brown rice which is of course almost completely hands-off, its really quick and simple.

I made the recipe even more simple to make by buying a Red Curry Paste packet at the grocery store, made by A Taste of Thai and it is uses natural ingredients. Nothing funky in the ingredients list that I didn’t recognize.

I guess you could say the recipe was just inspiration because I also used coconut milk instead of yogurt as a base for the curry sauce.

1. Chop bell pepper and carrot.
2. Toss chopped veggies, drained chickpeas and a cup of soy yogurt in a post.
3. Mix in a spoonful of curry powder and a sprinkle of garlic powder.
4. Cook until soft.
5. Serve on top of rice.
6. Munch

Delish and vegan.


Not bad at all for my first time cooking curry. It actually reminded me of my most favorite dish at my most favorite restaurant …


Massaman Curry at Surin West in Birmingham.

Next time I’ll slice some avocado on top of the Chickpea Curry. That would have made it even more awesome.

I spent most of the afternoon cleaning my house, which I propose should count as crosstraining, but I couldn’t completely convince myself so I headed to the gym for a quick elliptical session to fulfill my crosstraining obligation for my marathon training schedule.


Now its time to curl up on the couch with my new UK version of Runner’s World and watch Spirit of the Marathon. As you can tell, I’m addicted.


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