Midweek Runs & New New Shoes

I always think its crazy how I can look forward to a 12, 15, 16 mile run on the weekend and absolutely dread a 5 mile run during the week. I can feel completely awesome while running for over 2 hours, but running for 40 minutes can do me in. I’ve always thought it was strange how our mental state seems to affect our physical ability.

Yesterday I literally DREADED my 5 mile run although its the shortest run I’ll be doing for quite some time now. But I realized the reason is because I had to do it on a treadmill due to childcare issues and I wasn’t happy with the new shoes I bought that I was going to have to wear.

I really wanted to like these new Newton’s, and I did at first. They rubbed a pretty bad blister on my foot during my 15 mile run last Saturday, but I chalked it up to being new shoes and a long run. I wore them a few more times and finally realized that the left shoe fit perfectly while the right shoe was too small. And yes, they were both the same size, which I guess can only mean that my right foot is better than my left.

I tried on a bigger size and it was too big. So smaller size too small, bigger size too big.

Bye bye sexy Newton’s. It was nice while it lasted.

Back to the tried and true.

Despite my shoe issues, I still knocked out a solid 8 mile run this morning. I had to run it in my old Brooks, which I now know where 1/2 a size too small for me and causing some foot, leg and knee issues.

It was pretty chilly and windy this morning in central Alabama, I nearly froze the first mile. After about 10 minutes I warmed up and it felt really great. There was a nice breeze that was just right, but every now and then I’d get a gust that made me feel like I wasn’t even moving forward. All in all, not a bad run aside from the shitty shoes.

Lunch was hearty and warming. I baked a potato and then topped it with …

Homemade eggplant and tomato sauce (its under there, I promise) and lentils.

Sautéed onions and mushrooms.

I tried to stop there and make it a vegan meal, but I just couldn’t control myself.

And …



Now I’m going to try fit in a few yoga stretches before heading off to work tonight.


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