Vegan for a Day

Last night before Trick or Treating we walked to Mellow Mushroom for dinner. I discovered their new fall menu items and HAD to try their Holy Shiitake pizza.

We ordered a half mega veggie and half holy shiitake.

gI_75870_Holy Shiitake Pie megaveggie

Both were phenomenal by the way. I can’t truly pick a winner. Mega Veggie is tried and true, but Holy Shiitake is new and exciting.

As we sat there eating our pies, I discovered on Facebook that November 1st (today obviously) is World Vegan Day and that November is World Vegan Month.

I thought it was pretty short notice, but Tim encouraged me to give it a try with him .. just for one day. I’m all about a challenge so it was a done deal at that point.

This morning when we woke up, I scoured the kitchen and the few items we had purchases for meals at the cabin while we were on vacation to see what I could come up with for breakfast. We would be having lunch on the road and would be home by dinner time.

If you are not familiar with the term vegan, it  describes a person who does not use any animal products for food. No milk, eggs, butter or meat obviously. Some very strict vegans don’t even use honey.

The breakfast I came up with is probably the more thrown together odd combinations of the day. I had vegan friendly cereal, but no soy or almond milk. So I created this cereal and peanut butter mix …


We loaded up to head back home from our Gatlinburg vacation and I need caffeine! Or really I just needed something yummy from Starbucks. I was dreaming of a skinny cinnamon dolce latte with soymilk. Turns out they ran out of soy milk … on World Vegan Day? How dare they!

We did pick up these yummy vegan snacks to share in the car for the first part of the ride.


Raw organic seed and nut bar and dehydrated apple snacks.

Lincoln loves the bar and ate  it all by himself, the apples were just alright for me. I probably wouldn’t buy them again.

We drove 5 1/2 hours from Gatlinburg to Birmingham specifically for the purpose of making sure I got to eat at my most favorite restaurant ever, Surin West.


Surin is everything you love about Thai food and sushi all rolled in to one menu … one very extensive menu which at times can become overwhelming. I stick to my 2 or 3 norms usually. The great thing about this restaurant and many other Asian restaurants is that you can almost guarantee that you can get a good vegetarian or vegan meal at any of them.

We started off with some sushi, because I’m a sucker for sushi. The tempura vegetable roll and the Mixed Vegetable maki.


Carrots, peppers, cucumber and avocado were definitely involved. The smaller mixed vegetable roll I suspect some pickled diakon in the mix. They were both excellent.

DSC_1482 DSC_1485

I stayed with my tried and true, Tofu Massaman Curry. Tim branched out and ordered the roasted eggplant and mushroom bowl. Again, both were fabulous … and vegan.

We actually ate so much that we didn’t think we’d need to eat again today, but eventually about 9:00 I got hungry again. I had gone to EarthFare to pick up a few grocery items for this week and they still had their salad bar out. I made myself a nice little vegan salad.


Greens, cucumber, tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms, chickpeas and artichoke hearts. I added a little tabbouleh salad on the side to try and liked it so much I mixed it in to serve as my dressing. Just a small drizzle of EVOO on top. It hit the spot!

I totally rocked World Vegan Day! It seemed super easy, but although I didn’t have absolute control today due to traveling I did have some control over the choices I made. I can imagine there are situations with families and friends where it becomes very difficult. I don’t know if its something that I could continue on a full time basis by any means, or even for a month (atleast not on such short notice) but it was a fun experiment for sure. It made me be more conscious of my choices and I feel like that will carry over. You  might just be seeing more vegan from me in the future.

Now off to bed, I have an exciting day planned for tomorrow.


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