Long Long Run – 5 Weeks til the Race

Any run of 16 miles or longer in my mind is a long, long run. Today I completed my 3rd long long run of marathon training. Which leaves only 1 more long long run before the race.

18 miles in 2 hrs 46 minutes, which was a pace of about 9:12 or so.

I was mentally preparing myself to run this entire distance alone, but I wasn’t happy about it. Since my training partner got injured a couple of weeks ago I knew that I’d most likely have to finish out the training solo. I was so happy when I found out that 5 of my running buddies were going to come and run part of the route with me!


We all 6 started off together and ran the first 5 miles or so, then people started splitting off some. My training partner actually felt well enough to run today and set out to run 5, she felt good enough to continue although she stayed slow and trailed us. Two of my buddies actually changed their plan to run farther with me and ended up sticking with me for over 12 miles! I have such a great running community!

Here’s the quick lowdown:

Miles 1-4: Easy Peasy

Miles 4-9: Felt a small painful sensation on the bottom of my foot that felt like the skin was pulling apart, but still easy peasy.

Mile 9: Took my shoe off and realized the painful sensation was actually a clipped piece of toenail that had gotten down in my shoe and was now sticking out of the bottom of my foot splinter style. Wished I had removed shoe and inspected at mile 4 when pain started. Easy fix.

Mile 9-12: Back to easy peasy

Mile 12-14: I was running alone at this point, but I turned some music on and was feeling good.

Mile 14-16: Quads started feeling tight, I could feel my old blister spot rubbing on the inside of my shoe but not painful.

Mile 16-18: Pretty much everything on my body hurt. I was taking inventory of the things that didn’t hurt, and there wasn’t much.

Felt proud and accomplished though!


Barbara actually felt well enough to finish out the whole 18! Hopefully the marathon is still within her reach as well. I’m not counting her out yet!


We needed something to warm us up and set out to find coffee!

Instead we stumbled into a local hotel that happened to have a HUGE breakfast buffet and chowed down!

379672_2591967922082_1341175325_3000852_1892454456_n (1)

  • Coffee
  • Tomato juice
  • Bagel with cream cheese, capers and red onions
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Cheese grits
  • Potato wedges
  • aaaand pickled okra

I wish I had another plate about that size right now. It was absolutely perfect and definitely worth the $17!

I took a little nap and now I’m off to work for my 13 hour long shift :/
Don’t forget to set your clocks back!



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One response to “Long Long Run – 5 Weeks til the Race

  1. hilary

    Great job! Nothing like a huge breakfast after a longer run.

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