Lazy Sunday Lunch

I can’t decide if today has been boring or restful.

Its been so long since I’ve actually had a day where I had nothing specific that I needed to do, that I’m not even sure what to do with myself. There are no errands to run, no appointments, no work … I guess I could catch up on some housework but other than that, nothing really.

I’ve spent the day shopping online, taking a nap and watching Food Network.

I threw together a super simple, but impressive looking lunch.


Pumpkin Sage Ravioli on a bed of arugula with mushrooms, asparagus and crumbled feta.

Honestly though, it was this easy …


I absolutely love the Scoop Your Own Pasta section at Earth Fare! So far my absolute favorite is the Vegan Artichoke Ravioli, but Pumpkin Sage is a close second.  I grabbed some mushrooms and asparagus off of the olive bar and viola! Its becoming one of my go-to easy lunch fixes.

Now I feel like I should turn this lazy day into something productive or maybe I’ll just go play with the kiddo instead.


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  1. I schedule “Do Nothing” days all the time. It keeps you sane. I usually spend those days reading and taking walks Stay weird!

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