Thanksgiving Trial Run

I’m waiting on a very special delivery from the UPS man today. Overnight shipping never seemed to take so long!

I ordered myself an early birthday present.


In the meantime while I wait, I’m trying to keep myself busy by researching this year’s Thanksgiving recipe options.

Tim and I are planning a Thanksgiving trial run on Sunday. I’m so excited! I have a feeling some of these may be involved …

sweetpotatogratin  stuffedmushrooms

peasandonions stuffing

macaronispinach pearlonion

Vegetarian:  A person who eats only side dishes.  ~Gerald Lieberman

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is all about the sides anyway.

Is it weird that it is driving me crazy that everything is orange, white and green? I need to find some more colorful options.


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One response to “Thanksgiving Trial Run

  1. All of this looks amazing! I am trying to incorporate more and more vegetarian dishes into my repertoire, and some delicious Thanksgiving sides might be a great way to introduce it to the rest of my family.

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