3 Weeks Until the Race

This weekend marks the final countdown until my first marathon on December 10th. I say final countdown because after today its the start of taper time!

Its been a busy, crazy, fun weekend!

Started off Saturday morning by deciding to support a friend at the Turkey Burner 5K instead of running my scheduled 20-miler.


She killed it! And placed 1st in her age group.

I felt like I needed an extra rest day before my long run anyway. I’ve been feeling some aches this week that I needed to rest away. To add insult to injury I also fell a couple of nights ago and hit my knee that has been aching already. I’ve got a big black bruise, but it seems to otherwise be ok.

Saturday afternoon I did some hot yoga to stretch everything out.

I realized at some point yesterday that my long run would be 20 miles on November 20th on the last day of my 20’s! Perfect!

The alarm went off bright and early this morning at 4:45. I thought it was a cruel joke at first. But it was reality.

I’m proud to say that I busted out 21.15 miles this morning in 3 hours and 12 minutes!

It makes it so much easier to do these long runs with buddies. Six of us started out together this morning and ran various distances. I was never alone the whole time!


There was no time to rest after the run though. Today was our Thanksgiving Dry Run to test out some recipes for Thursday. I spent the day cooking, cooking, cooking and ended up with this …


I know its all kind of the same color, but it was delish! That’s how you do a vegetarian Thanksgiving. Sweet potato gratin, sweet pea and onion casserole, cabbage, potato salad, dressing with cranberry sauce and pearl onion gratin. There was also some unpictured Pumpkin Spice Cake involved and Tim’s absolute favorite of the day …


Taffy apple salad.

Took a 3 mile walk after lunch to keep the soreness away and settle the full tummy.

So happy, tired and thankful.


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