A Day Just for Me

You know how sometimes you just need a “me” day? Today I got exactly that.

Dropped Lincoln off at pre-K this morning and did some shopping. I decided I want to put my name on my shirt for spectators at the marathon to see. I’m hoping I can get some motivational cheers!

2011-12-05 11.41.25

I bought a cheap Nike tech T that I plan on wearing on top of a long sleeve undershirt for the race. I’m hoping these iron-on letters will turn out well. I actually ended up buying black letters because I thought they would be easier to see.

I got finished with my craft project shopping just in time to head over to Hot Yoga for a new Monday 9:45 class.



Copied from my DailyMile post.

I was so pumped after yoga I decided to take myself out to lunch at Earth Fare.

2011-12-05 12.24.14

I had a huge salad with a side of dilly slaw and some kind of glorious, glorious kale.

2011-12-05 12.28.38

I HAVE GOT to figure this kale out. I must make this at home.

I snuck over to the deli counter to see if I could get more info and snapped a super secret picture.

2011-12-05 12.47.37

Yes, I probably could have just asked for the recipe or ingredients, but pretending to be a super secret recipe stealing spy is way more fun.

Organic green kale, sesame oil, organic wheat-free tamari, organic ginger root, garlic, sesame seeds … and it obviously contained dried cranberries although those weren’t listed. Dammit, probably cheaper to just buy it by the pound. Kale isn’t that heavy afterall.

My leafy lunch didn’t hold me for very long though. I needed something much more substantial for supper.


Homemade cornbread, stewed okra & tomatoes, blackeye peas, turnip greens, roasted brussel sprouts and squash casserole.

Aaaah. 🙂


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