Since the Race

Hi! What a crazy busy week it has been! Christmas is sneaking up on me fast. With all the excitement for the race I seemed to have temporarily forgotten that Christmas is coming! Needless to say Christmas cards aren’t getting sent out this year.

I finally buckled down and got a good chunk of my Christmas to-do list accomplished yesterday. I can breathe a little easier now.

I signed up for DailyMile’s Secret Santa this year. Somehow I missed out on this last year, so I was excited to get in on it this time.


I was matched up with a random DailyMiler to send a $15 gift to. Someone else will receive my information and so on. I checked out my Dailymile pal and tried to gain information on what a good gift might be for him. Guys are so much harder to buy for in my opinion!

This is what I came up with …


Runner’s World Wrist Wallet, Peppermint Bark, Gu, Sports Beans, Advocare Rehydrate Drink Powder and a keychain/bottle opener. I hope he likes it!

I’ve also tried to find a balance this week between staying active and allowing my body to recover properly from the marathon. Turns out I probably should have done some post-marathon recovery plan research. I found myself mentally lost and not knowing exactly what to do. I’ve been on a training plan for so long that it feels really weird to have no direction.

I’m still having some minor aches and pains, particularly in the top of my left foot and behind my left knee. Then I remember, it has only been 6 days after all.

My week looked like this:

Monday – 45 minute spin class

Tuesday – 45 minute elliptical, 40 min Yoga DVD

Wednesday – Ran 3 miles, 90 minute Hot Yoga

Thursday – 60 minute elliptical

Friday – Ran 5 miles

The plan is to rest tomorrow and then attempt a very,very easy 8-mile romance run on Sunday at the Hubby’s pace. (Sorry honey that I just called your pace very, very easy. You know I love you!)


or …




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