Romance Run – Number 1

2011-12-18 11.35.01

Believe it or not the hubby and I have never run together before.

Our childcare and work schedules rarely align so that we could run together. We run very different distances and paces usually and I’m always training for something specific it seems like. He asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would run our upcoming Half Marathon in Louisiana with him at his pace. So I thought we better get used to running together.

We had a great time!

2011-12-18 11.37.45

We ran 8 miles in 1 hour 25 minutes.

We jammed out to some music, talked and played a game of cat and mouse. I had to stop to use the bathroom and I told Tim to keep going and I would catch back up to him. He took off fast to get a good lead on me and I hit a 7:15 pace trying to catch him. It was fun!

After our run we had lunch together at Subway. I pretty much tore the face off my sandwich before I considered getting a picture.

2011-12-18 12.04.17

Veggie on wheat with sweet onion sauce, pepper jack cheese, lots of olives, banana peppers, onions and pickles. And chocolate milk!

I can’t wait to have more Romance Runs! And I’m super excited about our upcoming race together now.

Yes please!


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