Quick Food Fixes and My Earth Fare Love Affair

Hellooo Indian food.


Palak Paneer, Vegetable Korma, Indian Rice, Vegan Dumplings.

I have to admit I cheated though.

After a lovely 45-minute Christmas themed spin class this morning at the Y, I headed over to Earth Fare to spend the coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket. $10 off of $50.

I picked up $105 worth of total randomness.


I love that place so much I don’t even care that its ridiculously priced. It brings me pure joy. If its wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Alabama Milk Cherry Icecream Coconut water
Vegan Dumplings Asparagus salad Kale salad
Avocado Hummus Horseradish & Ale spread Vegetable Korma
Honey Delight Cereal Spicy Blue Tortilla Chips Herbal water
Broccoli sprouts PB & Chocolate stars Cannelini Beans
Clif Z Bars Jammy Sammys Whole Weat Flour

So you see, lunch was all pre-packaged ingredients …

Maybe one day I’ll try my hand at making homemade Indian food. Until then atleast I know Earth Fare has my back.

While I was at it I threw some stuff in the crockpot for a quick dinner tonight. I absolutely love crockpot cooking!



Mmmm, Butternut Squash & Black Bean Chili.

Apparently I’m feeling spicy today.


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