Half-Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!

I started my Christmas Eve with a Half-Marathon distance run.

2011-12-24 09.21.04

I met up with a few of my friends early this morning for a celebratory group run around Downtown Montgomery.


I think I finally feel like myself (almost) completely since the marathon two weeks ago today! The best part of this run was no pain!

Post-run breakfast was a Veggie Benedict at The Egg & I.

2011-12-24 10.15.11

O.M.G worthy.


Merry Christmas and Namaste!



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2 responses to “Half-Merry Christmas Eve

  1. Wow! lucky! i wanted that watch but can’t yet afford it 😦 dang lol!

  2. I’m bowing down to you for doing a half on Christmas Eve….especially just two weeks after your full! GO GIRL!!!

    I’m also drooling at your veggie eggs benedict! :op

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