A Very Merry Christmas!


Last night while Santa and I wrapped presents I put together a simple overnight crockpot casserole for a special Christmas morning breakfast.


Layers of hashbrown potatoes, diced red and green peppers, Morningstar Farm Veggie “Sausage” patties crumbled, cheese and egg.

We also sipped on this wine in the process.


Chocolate Shop – The Chocolate Lover’s Wine

Absolutely amazing! Probably the best wine I’ve ever had.

It was so nice to wake up to breakfast already prepared. The house smelled so good!


I think this is going to be a new Christmas tradition. So simple!

Lincoln slept so late I was beginning to think I would have to wake him up, but he finally rolled out of bed at 8:00. This was the first year that he really understood what was going on and was excited about it. It was so fun to watch him tear through his gifts.


We spent the rest of the day at my grandmother’s house visiting and eating a big Christmas meal with the family. I was craving a walk with my family all day, but the weather was dreadful.

I stretched out my legs and settled my belly by walking 3 lovely miles on the treadmill this evening. Lovely miles I say because I rigged up this contraption …


Tablet computer, treadmill, clothes hanger … life changing.

I watched part of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix Instant while I walked.

A very merry and low key Christmas. 🙂



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3 responses to “A Very Merry Christmas!

  1. I will have to try that wine! Sounds yummy! Your son is adorable! I’m so impressed that you ran 13 miles on Christmas Eve. I haven’t run since Thanksgiving – been sick and cold and busy. Not too happy with myself…

  2. That wine & breakfast sounds delish! I hope you & your family had a Merry Christmas!
    LOL – love the rigged tablet to watch the movie – I may have to do that!

  3. LOVELY tree!!! I so know what you mean…

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