Two More Half Marathons

The past few weeks have been very busy. I completed 2 more half marathons since I last blogged.

The first of the two was Scenic City Half Marathon in Chattanooga, Tennessee on February 25th and then the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 4th.

The hubby and I ran the Scenic City Half together. I decided in advance that I wanted to run this race with him at his pace, but I didn’t let him know until the beginning of the race.

2012-02-25 06.49.30
One of the main reasons I chose to do this race is because a friend of mine, Crystal,  from high school  posted on Facebook that she was doing it. We’ve only seen each other once in the past 13 years or so, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to catch-up again.

2012-02-25 06.52.14

Unfortunately, Tim became injured during the race (IT band issues) and we ended up walking about half of the distance.


I really enjoyed the race course at Scenic City, but I thought it could have been more clearly marked. There were a few places on the course where the turns were not obvious. The course itself was relatively flat and lived up to its scenic name.


Lincoln was able to join us and walked/ran/got carried the last mile of the race.

DSC_0547 DSC_0548

All 3 McQueens crossed the finish line together.



Finishing this race with both of my boys and being there for Tim when he was hurting made this race special for me.


A week later we traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana for the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon. This was a fun trip with a ton of runner friends. Friday night was spent playing on Bourbon Street. Waaay too much playing.

421834_3438642848426_1341175325_3365971_470108756_n 431015_3438649928603_1341175325_3365976_1962159322_n


Saturday I still had to pay for my sins by completing my scheduled 8 mile training run. Thankfully it wasn’t completely miserable and helped me recover from the night before, although it was on the treadmill.

2012-03-03 12.02.53 2012-03-03 12.02.29

Saturday night was spent having dinner with 13 friends at Court of Two Sisters.

And then was race day.

2012-03-04 06.14.51 2012-03-04 06.15.14

2012-03-04 06.57.11

This was easily the largest race I’ve ever been in with approximately 25,000 runners. The weather was cool and sunny. Pretty perfect.

With so many runners this race was crowded from start to finish. The roads were uneven and potholed. It certainly wasn’t a race to take seriously. But the bands at each mile, the crowd and the friends I ran with made it fun.

2012-03-04 09.16.41 2012-03-04 09.15.52

Duane and I finished together in 1:46:17.

After the race we all met back up for breakfast at the hotel and then headed our separate ways.

After New Orleans I applied for the Half Fanatics. I met the criteria to be a Saturn Level fanatic by completing 4 Half Marathons in 36 days. (criteria)

2012-03-16 12.33.11

Next up is the Gulf Coast Half Marathon in Pensacola Beach, Florida on April 15th.



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2 responses to “Two More Half Marathons

  1. carmen

    Just reading the title I was going to suggest you joining the half fanatics. While reading, I see that you did. I ran most of my full this morning with a marathon maniac. I tall ya, they’re crazy! I’m not sure the half fanatics are in their right mind either 😉

  2. You forgot to mention that New Orleans was the first Half Marathon from your bestest friend from North Carolina… come on now. LOL. (I missed this post while I was on my internet sabbatical)

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