Saturday Traditions

Saturdays have developed their own traditions lately. I love traditions.

These traditions involve The Usuals. These are The Usuals:

372332_825018738_324984397_n 173255_1281210211_80912843_n 370893_1077215381_176530145_n
276194_13708582_1183233354_n 276221_13703612_429684693_n 419091_2810846192156_694716022_n

Quite the cast of characters, as you can tell.

On Saturday mornings, the Usuals … or some combination thereof meet at some ungodly hour to run the streets of Montgomery. Some of these days are quiet, some are talkative, some are funny and some are just straight up crazy.

After our traditional run, comes our traditional breakfast which almost always includes alcoholic beverages and cappuccino muffins. Or coffee until our eyes bug out.

Then comes Yoga for Athletes, 75-90 minutes of hot yoga that focuses mainly on the problem areas of runners.

And then we either break or make a day out of it and head to lunch, which occasionally turns in to dinner.

And that’s Saturday tradition these days.

Today was no different. Downtown run of 10 miles with 4 of the Usuals, cappuccino muffin, a beer … a walk … another beer. Hot yoga.



And that’s that.

Then I came home and made this:


I’m currently on my 2nd bowl. Eat all the things!



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3 responses to “Saturday Traditions

  1. I somehow missed this when you posted it. It sure is fun being a part of this wacky group. 🙂

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