SpringHouse Restaurant at Crossroads



SpringHouse is a casual fine-dining restaurant located on Lake Martin. I’ve been wanting to go here to try it out forever, but for one reason or another never got around to it. Last night the hubby and I finally got the chance when we went on a double date with some other friends, and it was PHENOMENAL.

Screen shot 2012-04-25 at 10.31.41 PM

Immediately when we arrived we all took our shoes off and frolicked around in the grass exploring the building from every angle. So beautiful and rustic.

Inside the restaurant was just as stunning.


We started off our meal with cocktails and some yummy appetizers. I had a Basil Lemonade Vodka cocktail and we all shared a Tuna Tartar that was out of this world as well as a cheese plate.

Typically I’m skeptical of vegetable plates on any menu, especially one with the price tag of $28 … but this one was a definite exception.


Creamed corn, field peas, cucumber and cherry tomato salad, squash gratin, creamy remoulade slaw, grilled okra and corn bread.

Maybe it was the basil vodka lemonades .. but every single bite seemed fantastic. The squash gratin and the slaw were certainly something special though.

I kinda wanted to lick my plate.

And then I did when I ordered the Smores for dessert.


Unfortunately we weren’t able to get a table outside to watch the beautiful sunset, but we did spend some time on the balcony after dinner looking at the stars and constellations (with the help of Google Skymap) and even saw some meteors. Aaaaah!


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  1. Don Alexander

    Beautiful place–thanks for sharing. Debbie and I will have to go someday. Y’know, I had never seen your 2008/2009 pics…wow, you both have persevered and done it right by making it a lifestyle change. Wonderful!

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