Four Hours …


I love this angel muffin more than words can express, but HALLELUJAH … its time to go back to school! That doesn’t make me a bad mom, it makes me real.

Four hours. Four hours of peace and quiet a day to do whatever I please. I can sit on my ass. Watch TV. Clean my house. Run, box, yoga and shower in peace without feeling guilty. I can spend hours on Pinterest making my meal plan for the week. Maybe I can even start couponing again. Grocery shop without having to buy “a prize” to keep my kid sane while I peruse the health food aisle for 20 minutes. I can pee in a public restroom without my kid in the stall with me asking me loudly, “Mom, how old were you when your ween-ween fell off?”.

And then I can come back to reality, see that sweet face and be the best mom to him I can possible be because I’ve had my me time, without guilt and without worry.

And that will make me a better Mom.


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