Tempo, Clothes and Muffins

2012-08-15 07.11.18

Hope that didn’t scare you.

That’s just the face of a happy girl that ROCKED OUT an awesome 7-mile tempo run this morning! Ye-ah!

My tempo consisted of a 1 mile warm-up which I completed in 9:10, 5 miles at a 7:45 pace … which I hit exactly to the second, and a 1 mile cooldown in 8:55.

2012-08-15 07.10.28

Sweaty arms!

A great start to the day considering the last time I did the exact same workout (2 weeks ago) I had to stop 3 times during my tempo portion to catch my breath … for 5 minutes.

I celebrated by buying myself a ton of new running clothes.


Ok, it wasn’t really to celebrate … I really just needed them. When you’re getting friction holes in the crotch of your shorts, it might be time to drop a couple bucks on some new ones.

Speaking of friction … unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with the genetic code for thighs that don’t rub together when I run. Or maybe I was, but I’ll never know since I screwed that up years ago. Anywho … these thunder thighs need a layer of protection to keep them from catching fire.

I found these cheap babies today on clearance that I’m hoping will do the trick.


Can’t beat 5 bucks.

So I bought every pair they had.


On principle I also had to buy this $50 Brooks brand running top that I found for $10.


I won’t be wearing it to run in though, not enough chest support with the built in bra for these bitties. But a nice yoga top 🙂

I had breakfast on the go this morning while Lincoln went to school for 1 hour for his meet the teacher day. I was craving a spinach feta wrap from Starbucks, but as usual they were out and I had to settle for the “Veggie Artisan Sandwich”. I use quotations because …


Who stole my veggies?

Whew … crisis averted. I found them.

2012-08-15 08.58.32

Thankfully lunch was spectacular. Speck-tack-you-lar.


Taco salad.

Lettuce, brown rice, black beans, corn, … toppins.

For some reason growing up in the Seventh-day Adventist church we called these Haystacks. I have no idea why .. and I haven’t thought of that in approximately 13 years.

Now I’m working on making a shitload of Toddler (I mean Big Boy) Muffins for the freezer.

Speaking of big boys .. and muffins. Here’s my muffin on his first day of K4.

Poor poor Mrs Holston.


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