Mangos Make Me Drop F Bombs

I haven’t eaten a mango since March 2, 2010 and now I remember why.

For some reason the mangos were looking tempting at the grocery store yesterday and I picked up a few, probably because they were 10 for $10, a SUPRISINGLY LOW price Publix tells me. I’m a sucker for a deal.


DH and I had a nice little romance run this morning around Downtown.

2012-08-19 08.50.35

Kiss, kiss.

He had 6 miles on the schedule for today and I needed a nice recovery run from the 13 I ran yesterday.

After our run we decided to make a light breakfast together. I cooked us up some eggwhite omelet wraps and I thought we’d have a little sliced mango on the side.

Now I consider myself to be fairly food savvy and more experienced in culinary techniques than the average person. Therefore I’m not serving something that looks like this … to anyone. Especially not to my hubby.

2012-08-19 10.04.08

Mangos get the best of me.

I rummaged through the fridge for some leftover coconut water from my Skinny Pina Coladas a few nights ago. Coconut water, mango, and ice makes a pretty delicious smoothie. Perfect rehydration after our run and compliment to our omelet wraps.

2012-08-19 10.14.05

I’m going to have to Google the proper way of dealing with mangos, but the smoothie was a delicious accident that I will be repeating soon.


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