I’m Addicted

A few days ago I wrote on my Facebook status that I needed to stay my ass out of TJ Maxx. I hereby officially change my mind.

2012-08-17 17.59.20
Anywhere that I can buy both a cute dress for $10 and a Margarita Mix with only 68 calories that tastes great, is good in my book.

Besides shopping, another thing that I’ve discovered lately that I’m becoming addicted to is the shower at the gym. I have been exercising regularly now since 2009 and somehow I am just now figuring this out. It pains me to think of how I used to workout and go about the rest of my day all sweaty and smelly like. Gross.

These days I pack a gym bag and take a leisurely shower at the gym (with flip flops on, of course) and then go about my day fresh as a daisy. Not to mention it feels freaking good. And someone else watches my child for me while I shave my legs in peace.

As a matter of fact, I’ve nixed shaving my legs anywhere at all except for the gym these days. My shower at home is so small that when I bend over to shave my leg I hit my head and ass on opposite walls.

Today I started my day off with a easy 4 mile run after I dropped the little man off at school.


Since I was running a new route, I carried my phone with me and used an app called JogTracker. I’ve used this app a couple of times when I’ve forgotten my Garmin on runs and it works pretty well. The one thing I love about it is that it shows an active map on the screen while you are running of where you have been. I used it today to keep myself from getting lost and it worked like a charm!

I didn’t get lost, my route ended up being exactly the 4 miles I was aiming for and I got back to the Y just in time for Boxmania class. I love it when a plan comes together!

After running and an hour kicking and punching the shit out of a target I decided to take myself on a lunch date.

2012-08-21 12.14.06

Soy nuggets, spelt and butternut squash, couscous and salad.

The spelt and butternut squash was out of this world! I’ll definitely be trying to recreate this one soon.


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