Atleast There is Champagne

You know how after you get your nails you move around all precious like for the rest of the day? … because you’re really not quite sure when they are dry and just as soon as you think you are good you jack those mothers up?

I welcomed my hubby home from his week long business trip today by taking him out for pedi’s. He was game.

That’s a mighty mighty good man right there!

Anyway, somehow I planned mani/pedis right before I had to come home and cook quiche for dinner. I felt quite ridiculous chopping onions all precious like.


Dinner was brunch. Mainly because I’ve had champagne in the house for an entire week and I couldn’t stand it anymore. Heeeeelllooo Mimosa!

Quiche 2 ways.

Tofu Broccoli Quiche and Eggwhite Spinach Mushroom Quiche. I wasn’t sure about either one so I wanted options.


I had a piece of each, roasted asparagus and sliced strawberries and (a few) Mimosas.


Right before dinner Lincoln had a “bathroom episode” that required immediate bathing, he nearly vomited during dinner multiple times because I made him try the quiche and he’s been a complete brat most of the afternoon. But atleast there is champagne. 🙂


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