This and this and that.

Started the day off well …

2012-08-25 10.03.54

Breakfast on the way to the gym. My most favorite flavor of Kind Bar. I haven’t yet found this flave anywhere except Starbucks.

One solid hour on the elliptical and 600 calories later I headed back home. But I wasn’t done yet. I’ve desperately been trying to integrate more strength into my weekly routine … as of this week. LOL

All you gotta do is give me a little technology and I’m game … I programmed a HIIT (high intensity interval training) core workout into an app on my phone a few days ago and that’s all I needed .. me + technology jive …


Jump jump jacks, burpees, crunches, side planks, bicycle crunches, planks holds … it all seems easier when you have technology on your side. Yeah! I also did a good arm workout called Tank Top Arms that I found on Pinterest.

After the workouts Tim, Lincoln and I headed out for lunch. It was .. blech to say the least. Nasty ass steamed oystered that smelled horrible .. I wanted a do-over.

I’ll spare you the food pics and give you this instead.

2012-08-25 14.09.37

After lunch we headed Downtown to watch some friends compete in the Dragon Boat races.

2012-08-25 15.46.16

And then everything went downhill from there …

Drinks, drinks and drinks and food. I’ll just leave you with these pictures and the hope that tomorrow will be better.

2012-08-25 16.37.33

2012-08-25 16.38.29

2012-08-25 16.38.37

2012-08-25 16.42.47

2012-08-25 17.06.04

Long run in the morning, see you tomorrow! Night!


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