Run, Box, Yoga

What a full fantastic day!

My day started at 4:30 this morning when my alarm went off and hasn’t slowed down since. I flipped things around this week to do my long run today instead of on Saturday. I wanted to be able to run with The Usuals and because of the Dragon Boat races yesterday they would have to change their runs to today.

My Half Marathon Training plan called for 13 miles today, but my friend and coach Drew changed my plan and told me to try for 14, with the last 5 miles at an 8 min pace.

After stubbing my pinky toe on a dumbell in the middle of the night and waking up with a hangover, I didn’t have very high hopes. But a little toe pain and a hangover didn’t stop me from trying. In fact I run well when hungover and its THE ABSOLUTE BEST way to get over it. Sweat it out!

Seven of us started out together this morning and stayed together for the majority of the distance, only splitting off a little at the end.


I started off slow and ran the first 7 miles at about a 9 min pace. I decided to go ahead and pick it up to my 8 min pace at the 7.5 mile mark and held it until 12.5 miles. All of these splits actually ended up being sub-8s, and then I cooled down for the last bit to round out my 14 miles.

The gang joined back up for coffee and breakfast at Starbucks to relax after the run.

Breakfast was a spinach, eggwhite, feta wrap and a chai latte.

Lunch was leftover Vegetarian Nut Loaf, Crash Hot potatoes and squash.

2012-08-26 13.45.28

This afternoon was a very special occasion at the yoga studio. It’s MJ’s birthday and she celebrated by gifting us a free class to the music of another MJ, Michael Jackson.

The doors opened early and I laid my mat out to reserve my spot and then did some Boxmania with Kaitlin in the parking lot until class started. I wore my new heart rate monitor and burned 300 calories in that 30 minutes. It was fun fun sweaty fun!

Time to get down with some MJ and MJ …


I’m in the pink, second from the left on the bottom.

It was like an hour long dance party on the mat! Loved it!

That’s a lot of exercise for the day. Whew, I’m pooped. No energy left for cooking tonight so I heated up some leftover Sweet Potatoes, Kale and Lentils and nom-ed out on the couch and got caught up on my Big Brother addiction.

2012-08-26 19.47.11

A fabulous weekend indeed.


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