Use Up All the Things!

For the sake of limiting waste, I pulled out the big guns today.


I cannot stand to throw food away, but I also have a really bad habit of buying way more produce than my family can actually eat before it goes bad.

When I have large quantities of produce that is on the verge of going in the garbage can, I’ve found that the best way to save it and put it to use is to change its form. In other words, cook it .. juice it, or freeze it.

I put my techniques into action today with sweet potatoes, kale, strawberries, yellow squash, lemons and mushrooms.

I used the sweet potatoes in the crockpot with black beans and canned tomatoes to make chili for dinner tonight.

I juiced the kale, strawberries and lemons. A combination that I was seriously afraid of, but it was actually pretty dang good, and saved me from throwing those things away.

I cooked up the mushrooms and squash together and mix it with some spaghetti sauce and made it lunch along with the juice.



I might have dirtied up every appliance and dish in my kitchen, but damn it .. I didn’t waste any food or money, so I win.



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2 responses to “Use Up All the Things!

  1. OMG Amanda your a genius and jsut taught me a bunch of stuff…thanks chica:) Muahs

  2. Awesome idea, inspiration, and reminder!!!

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