I happened upon this today, and figured I might as well join in. I’m always up for a challenge and I could certainly use the motivation, because this ain’t cuttin it …


The basic principal is that each Monday you make promises to yourself publicly for the week and evaluate the previous week.

#ipromise Challenge Begins MONDAY, OCTOBER 1st, 2012

#ipromise myself to be accountable.

#ipromise myself to follow through.

#ipromise myself not to make excuses.

#ipromise myself to be honest.

#ipromise myself to give it all I’ve got.

#ipromise myself to make time for my priorities.

#ipromise myself to have a plan every week.

#ipromise myself to re-evaluate my plan if I fail.

#ipromise myself to never give-up

#ipromise myself to reflect on my behaviour and move forward.

#ipromise myself to not throw a pity party.

#ipromise myself to become an improved version of myself.

#ipromise myself to join this challenge every Monday until 2013.

#ipromise because I OWE THIS TO MYSELF and I AM WORTH IT.

So here goes, ipromise week #1:

  • I promise no binge sessions this week.
  • I promise no alcohol until the weekend.

 I think I can handle it. 🙂



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4 responses to “#ipromise

  1. hilary

    The only one you really need (that we all really need) is to stop making excuses. The rest of this will only serve to make you feel guilty and comparative. “I have no excuse for ____” is much more powerful than “I said I wouldn’t ____.” Having no excuse for something — in here, where your voice is the one that counts — is what none of us can mess with… not really. Accountability has nothing to do with “us” even though we set out thinking it does. Oh anyway.

    • Which is also the hardest one, atleast for me. I’m a pro at coming up with an excuse to justify my actions to myself before I even act upon them.

      • hilary

        I think you’re also pretty good at downplaying how much discipline you already have. I literally stand in awe of your accomplishments, which happened even though all you can sometimes see are the things you excused/justified along the way. Your honesty is your trump card. Not many people could handle being as honest about themselves as I see you being — you teach me by example about that nearly daily. You’re a marvelous work in progress, as we all are. And I love that.

  2. What a great idea. Best of luck with it.

    I promise I will not have take away this month.

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