A day late this week, but by the time I remembered to write this blog last night I just absolutely didn’t have it in me. Honestly, I don’t really have it in me tonight either so I will make this short and sweet.

First off, evaluation of last week. My 2 promises last week were “no binge sessions” and “no alcohol until the weekend”. I did pretty well on both of those. Friday night was a mess, Saturday and Sunday I ate way too much in general … but technically I stuck to my promises. I knew the weekend was going to be tricky though because I already had plans to celebrate the Montgomery Half Marathon weekend with friends.

This week I only have 1 promise. I’ve noticed lately especially in yoga and in CrossFit on Monday that I haven’t given my all in my workouts. I’ve done enough to just get by, some of that has been because I was worn out after the race, but its a pattern that I don’t want to continue. So my promise for this week is to bring intention and purpose to all my workouts and not to just do enough to get by.

That’s all I’ve got for you tonight.


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  1. Mary Belle Scott

    Amanda, you are a wonder! You inspire me constantly. Thanks for blogging and nudging me to do more.

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