3 Weeks of CrossFit

I have my first little CrossFit boo-boos. Awww, so presh.


See it right there at the base of my ring finger?

I haven’t decided if its a blister or a callus. But he’s cute.

Lesson learned: Don’t lift with wedding rings on.

My next specimen is:

2012-10-10 09.36.11

This one is a bruise on my knee. This I earned with my pitiful excuse for a back squat, in which I fell on my ass … I think. It all happened so fast, but somehow I brought the bar over my head as to not land on it since I was falling backwards. Still not sure how I managed to bruise my knees falling backwards. But hey, I’m special like that.

I don’t think the bar landed on my knee … that seems like something I think I would remember.

Lesson learned: Umm … still working on this one. I’m thinking bringing the bar over my head was pretty stupid, that definitely seems like it could be dangerous. And ummm … don’t try to squat lower than these 90-year-old-like hips will allow?

Anyway, I’ve been doing CrossFit now for 3 weeks and I am LOVING it! I get frustrated because I’m bad at a lot of it, but some of it I’m not so bad at. And well … I don’t really care about that. Its fun, and different and I was bad at running once upon a time too.

So one day I’m totally going to be like, “remember that time that I tried to do a back squat with nothing but a bar and fell on my ass infront of everyone?”. And all my buff buddies will laugh and say, “Oh yeah, back in the olden days! Look how far you’ve come”.

Today’s Workout:

Strength/Skill – Clean & Jerk; I think there is hope here. I’m totally going to practice with a broomstick, especially dropping under the bar. Between my power clean broomstick practice and squatting all over my damn house, my husband isn’t going to know what to think of me.

WOD “Helen” – This is my first benchmark WOD, which basically means it is a workout used as a test of measurement to see how much you’ve progressed since the last time you performed the same workout.

Helen is: 400m run, 21 Kettlebell swings, 12 Pull-Ups x 3 rounds for time.

I finished Helen in 10:20.

2012-10-11 16.23.56

I scaled my workout using a 26lb kettlebell instead of the prescribed 35lb, and by using the red&green bands to assist with my pull-ups. Of course the running was my sweet spot.

After working all day at the hospital, my WOD and running some errands I was HANGRY and I’ve been craving guacamole like a mofo for days. I came THIS close to pulling into the mexican place for big plate of nachos and a fishbowl margarita. But healthy girl Amanda subdued fat girl Amanda and this is what I came up with instead:

2012-10-11 18.33.45

Squash “chips” and guacamole for dipping. Win/Win.

That was my appetizer. Dinner was Baked Mediterranean Cod and Roasted Asparagus:

2012-10-11 19.36.05

Why yes, I do like asparagus a lot. Why do you ask?


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